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A licensed nurse will answer many of your questions.


Ultrasound Imaging

Your free ultrasound will be performed by a medical professional. The ultrasound will always be free and confidential.

Our limited non-diagnostic ultrasound can tell you approximately how many weeks you are into your pregnancy.

Our free ultrasound may aid you in making this important decision.  A positive pregnancy test alone will not tell you if your pregnancy is able to continue.

Finding out if your pregnancy is a viable one (able to continue) before choosing abortion is very important.

  • Is the pregnancy located where it should be (in the uterus and not in the fallopian tube-ectopic pregnancy?

Did you know that on or around 21 days after conception, your baby’s heart begins to beat?

During the limited non-diagnostic ultrasound appointment, we answer the questions above as well as measure the heart rate.

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